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Amelia Smart & Cassidy Gray

Both of the 2021 NCAA Women’s Alpine Champions are based out of Panorama, BC and both are members of Canadian National team. Amelia Smart and Cassidy Gray have certainly made their mark on the NCAA circuit. Gray started strong in her freshman season this year with University of Colorado Boulder’s Buffs by taking the NCAA title in GS, while Smart finished out her senior season at University of Denver by taking the NCAA title in the slalom to go along with her GS and slalom titles from 2018. Smart and Gray joined us on the Next Turn to talk through achieving balance between the NCAA race circuit, the World Cup circuit, and academics, as well as to laud the benefits of racing with and for a team at the college level. Both discuss their techniques for remaining present and focused on race day, as well as strategies for putting together two solid runs. Hosts Martin, Jeff, and Cara share their “Thoughts of the Day.”

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